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    Cisco IP Phone 7900 Series 7940 CP-7940G w/ Footstand, Handset and Manual

    Refurbished and very clean, 12 pages manual included (pdf). Cisco IP phone model 7940 CP-7940G with its original adjustable footstand and handset. Large 4 X 3 inches LCD screen, quick footstand adjustment button, can also be screwed to a wall. Features: Programmable button, shows call features on screen, messages, directories, services, help, settings, volume headset, mute and speaker buttons. Supports a variety of power supplies 48V, 0.38A (not included). All units available are in the same condition (see our photos):  Fully functional, professionally cleaned, very light scratches only, no broken parts. Phone weighs 1.19 kg and measures 11 X 8 1/2 X 4 inches when footstand is closed.

    $23.50 USD

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