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    Vintage Tripod Spotlight 7" Diameter, All Bronze Industrial Floor Lamp 150 Watts
    • Fully functional, clean inside-out, easy to open.
    • No broken parts, glass has no chips.
    • Powerful 150W flood light included. Socket is porcelain and in mint condition.
    • Adjustable height, easy to disassemble.
    • Spotlight has a 7 1/4" diameter and a 7 1/2" depth. Total weight is 15 pounds.
    • Spotlight was found amongst nautical equipment and was used to decorate fountains and ponds.
    • Face is marked "Max. Depth 2Ft 0-6 Meter Over Lens, PEM E150 Canada, Face Ring Bolt Tightening Torque 29 FPI-33.4KGFGM"
    • Specifications marked both in English and French.

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